Graphical User Interfaces and Control

Graphical User Interface

GATEWAY AUDIO provide a host of GUI interfaces for control of the MX5010 and MX5011 chips as well as firmware for control of these chips.

These solutions enable companies to specify the look and feel of the product while the basic operation remains similar.

The control of the DSP does not have to inlcude a GUI but the provision gives the user a much easier experience in programming the sounds as well as sharing settings with other users with the same product.

You could for example promote a guitar with a great setting from a well known player.

GATEWAY AUDIO can also provide a complete API so that other interfaces can access the DSP easily through the USB interface of a PC or MAC.

gui21Users are able to hear in realtime the changes to thier sound and when they are satisfied with the results save them to the memory in the Guitar preamp. Depending on the memory available, Multiple presets can be saved simultaneously.

More advnaced interfaces are also available for a more enhanced control of the MX5010 and 5011

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