GP1 - USB Guitar Preamp Module

Utilising Waves MX5010 Or MX5011 DSP, GATEWAYAUDIO’s GP1 provides a complete Acoustic / Electric Guitar Preamp Solution.

gp11The GP1 consists of 2 modules:

-A USB interface and microcontroller:
Direct USB control from PC or MAC with GUI for adjusting the sound the user wants
Direct control of presets without connection to computer
Adjustment of pre assigned parameters.

-The MX5010 Module with Analog I/O. The MX5011 (Guitar Effect processor) can also be utilized in this way and this offers further flexibility to create exciting products.

gp21A variety of products can be developed from these modules and GATEWAY AUDIO can customer write the GUI
and the firmware to suit different vendor requirements.

The module could be used inside a guitar or optionally an external unit could be built. External controls can
be added for assignment of parameters where required.

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