LanCore Technology

Technology development group Gateway Audio first announced LanCore™, a revoltionary new digital audio transfer technology at AES 2006, San Francisco, USA. Since then LanCore™ technology has provided product developers an affordable integrated digital audio transfer mechanism using the Ethernet (802.3) protocol over standard CAT-5 or optical hardware.

Managing Director at Gateway Audio Danny Olesh said: “With the introduction of our new LanCore™ technology, audio development partners can now integrate a stable ultra low-latency digital audio connectivity solution in their product range with ease. Up to 32 channels (other configurations available) of 24-bit 96kHz digital audio along with a bi-directional control data pipe can be freely transmitted using a single CAT-5 or optical cable. With parallel or daisy chain network topology options, complex cabling systems will become a thing of the past.”

Danny Olesh continued: “During development our engineers liased with several audio manufacturing partners to ensure LanCore™ performance and reliability specifications lived up to critical audio application expectations. With LanCore™’s excellent technical performance combined with Gateway Audio’s comprehensive multi-level licensing program, our partners are already beginning to see the benefits that LanCore™ technology can bring to both their current and future products.”

“It’s great to see LanCore™ come to fruition. Our evaluation kits along with full development tools are now available on request. We can’t wait to see what exciting products our development partners are sure to come up with utilizing LanCore™ technology”, says Gateway Audio’s chief technical director Jeffrey Vallier.

Main features of LanCore™ technology include:
• Up to 32 Channels of 24-bit/96KHz digital audio transmitted from Master to Slaves
• Bi-directional control data pipe with serial interface
• I2S interfaces to A/D and D/A converters
• Ultra low-latency, completely synchronous, configurable channel I/O and routing, clock distribution, rock solid reliability

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